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Creating Well-Designed Products – Learning the Right Lessons from Steve Jobs

  • Janice Couture Community Room (room 108) 1 Abenaki Way Winooski, VT, 05404 United States (map)

Everett McKay, an expert on user experience (UX) design, will discuss why technology-focused product design no longer works in a world where customers want to love the products they buy and use. Apple is an example of a company that has demonstrated that having a great user experience captures both customer loyalty and profits. Using Steve Jobs and Apple as a case study, Everett will present the key UX design insights that are relevant to today's technology leaders and developers.

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We live in a new technology world, where people want to love the products they buy and use, and features and technology are often an afterthought. Apple, perhaps more than any other company, has demonstrated that having a great user experience captures customer loyalty and positively impacts the bottom line. Yet many tech leaders still focus on the technology, features, and schedules, and only pay lip service to the user experience (UX) of their products. The agile approach can be: “Just get it out there – we’ll fix the UX later!”

While Apple products continue to capture the hearts and minds of the tech world, the visionary behind them—Steve Jobs—does not.  “What would Steve do?” is rarely a manager’s inspirational refrain. And while Jobs did many things right, he did just as many things poorly.

In this talk, Everett McKay will make a business case for why technology-focused product design and team culture no longer works. He will present the key UX design insights from Apple and Steve Jobs that are relevant to today’s technology leader, separating the brilliant from the unfortunate, and present them using videos, quotations, stories, and product examples.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of the importance of user experience to product and software design, using Steve Job’s design insights as a case study.

  • Noon - 12:30 p.m.:  Lunch & Discussion

  • 12:30 p.m. - 12:45 p.m.: Announcements & Introductions

  • 12:45 p.m. - 2 p.m.: Presentation, Q & A

About the Speaker
Everett McKay is Principal of UX Design Edge, a user experience design training and consulting company for mobile, web, and desktop applications. He has been teaching UX design to software professionals since 2003 and has delivered design workshops to an international audience that includes Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. Everett is author of "UI is Communication: How to design intuitive, user-centered user interfaces by focusing on effective communication," published by Morgan Kaufmann. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for writing and evangelizing the Windows User Experience Guidelines.

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