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“Celebrate Solar” Tours

Join Vermonters throughout the state as we “Celebrate Solar” through tours and open events. Click here  to find a tour site near you and to read more about the activities taking place.

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Solar is increasingly part of our energy future and fabric of our communities. And much like open sugar houses in the spring and open art studios in the fall, we’d like to open up our solar success stories to community members statewide to learn about these systems powering our neighbors.

Starting this year, the third Saturday of June—right around the Summer Solstice— will become an annual rite of summer passage where our solar community opens up their farms, businesses, and even homes to give community members Vermont solar tours. The Celebrate Solar Tours are an up-close understanding of local solar power, to learn about how it works, how these projects pencil out, and the story behind controlling our energy future with the sun. This year’s Celebrate Solar Tours day will be Saturday, June 20th at various times throughout the day.